Eplex Exhibitions

The importance of livestock, especially poultry, is the mainstay of national food. Poultry production accounts for more than 75% of animal protein in Egypt, alongside animal and fish production, and these industries strongly influence the world economy and food security. To provide many employment  opportunities  for  workers in the veterinary sector.

Hence, it is decided to establish an expo that supports the  various  animal , livestock and fish production industries and provides the necessary opportunities for meeting the major veterinary companies to share the latest experiences and information in the field and to review the latest developments in Egypt and Africa.

The expo is witnessing the participation of major companies working in various fields of poultry, livestock and fish production, specialists in (Veterinary medicines , feed   , feed additives, equipment factories , production lines , biosecurity , farm supplies , immunizations , antiseptics , plastic packaging factories , etc.) In addition to a large number of investors and interested in the  field  , and an elite of industry experts and researchers , and many executive and popular leaders.

On the sidelines of the expo, a number of scientific lectures will be held for some exhibitors, and will be presented by a group of experts and specialists in the field of veterinary, discussing the most important developments and challenges facing the poultry, livestock and fish production industries.

The expo aims at providing the best possible benefit to exhibitors, all employees and those interested in the veterinary field, from exchanging experiences, opening up new markets, providing investment opportunities between companies and achieving the highest percentage of successful communication with target customers of exhibitors.

 For our keenness  , we invite you to participate with a group of major companies and entities working in various fields of the exhibition and a large number of visitors specialized in the field of poultry, livestock and fish production.

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